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E-mobility specialist QUANTRON AG is preparing to launch the electric QUANTRON 12m low-floor bus. The city bus will be available in two versions: the BEV version can be ordered from the end of 2021, and the FCEV from spring 2022.


The zero-emission bus will be in a similar price range to conventional diesel buses, QUANTRON said.

The vehicle is offered in close cooperation with the QUANTRON investor and strategic partner EV Dynamics, a European-Asian consortium of companies specializing in electric and hydrogen-based mobility.

The battery-electric has a maximum output of 250 kW. The range is up to 280 km (174 miles)—suited for daily city use. The charging power is up to 80 kW with a battery capacity of up to 422 kWh.

The battery is charged via a European standard CCS 2 plug within 3 to 6 hours, depending on the size of the battery. This means that the city bus is fully operational again after being charged overnight, for example.

The battery system is adapted to the respective operational requirements and is compatible with various charging solutions. The bus has a capacity for up to 95 passengers.


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