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Solid Power, Inc., an industry-leading developer of all-solid-state battery cells for electric vehicles, is adding a second Denver-area production facility in Thornton, Colorado. The new facility will greatly expand Solid Power’s capacity to produce key materials for its all-solid-state battery cells, including the ability to produce up to 30 metric tons of sulfide-based solid electrolyte material annually, representing a 25x throughput increase to current capacity.

Electrolyte production at the new facility is intended to feed directly the company’s forthcoming all-solid-state EV cell manufacturing line, which is expected to produce cells for automotive qualification testing and future battery pack design.

Solid Power expects to produce and deliver its first 100 Ah cells for formal automotive qualification testing in 2022. Once fully qualified, Solid Power intends to work closely with automotive OEMs and top tier battery cell producers to manufacture 100 Ah all-solid-state battery cells widely for in-vehicle use.

In order to continue Solid Power’s progress towards production of automotive scale battery cells, the company must significantly increase production of its sulfide-based solid electrolyte materials. This facility marks an important next step in Solid Power’s progression toward that goal.

—Doug Campbell, CEO and co-founder of Solid Power

The 75,000 square-foot Thornton-based facility will quadruple Solid Power’s total manufacturing footprint and marks a key inflection point in the company’s mission to commercialize its all-solid-state battery technology for deployment in electric vehicles.

Long term, Solid Power plans to sell the company’s proprietary sulfide-based solid electrolyte material to support full-scale all-solid-state cell production for its partners, including Ford and BMW.

Solid Power also intends to sell the solid electrolyte material to other solid-state cell producers who may not be using the company’s unique all-solid-state cell designs. Solid Power is working to produce 40,000 metric tons of electrolyte material per year by 2028, which could support the annual production of 800,000 electric vehicles using the company’s all-solid-state battery cell designs.

The facility is also expected to further expand Solid Power’s research and development activities and battery cell testing capabilities. Future product and material development, such as next-generation electrolytes and conversion reaction cathodes for Solid Power’s third all-solid-state cell design, are anticipated.

The facility is expected to be fully operational in Q2 2022.


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