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Orange EV introduces new series of high-load, higher speed, fast-charge terminal trucks for intermodal operations

Orange EV, a manufacturer of heavy-duty, electric vehicle (EV) truck solutions, announced its new intermodal terminal trucks, scheduled to be available Q3 2022, to meet the increased cargo handling and lifting demands required by port and rail intermodal operations.

Orange EV’s T-Series Class 8 electric terminal trucks have been commercially deployed since 2015 and have proven their outstanding performance, uptime, and cost savings during more than 1 million hours of operation. Built on the experience and success of the T-Series, the new series boasts new design elements and additional power to deliver the increased performance required by faster-paced, maximum-load operations:

  • Speed: Up to 32 mph
  • GCWR: 180,000 pounds
  • Battery Capacity: Up to 233 kWh Super Duty
  • Fast Charging for 24-hour operations
  • Reinforced frame and boom
  • ROPS/FOPS compliant
  • Increased hydraulic capacity

In addition to the new trucks being a strong fit for intermodal operations, they will also perform especially well in distribution centers and other environments that operate with very heavy loads, steep grades, and/or require faster speeds. Just as the T-Series has been transforming yard management, the new series of trucks will increase efficiency and reduce costs to intermodal operators providing essential services, the company said.

Orange EV is now accepting pre-orders.



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Paul G



With the title "In Partnership With Toyota", I thought that maybe Toyota was going to pardner with Orange EV to make battery-electric trucks. But it turns out that all they did is buy or lease some Orange EV terminal tractors. The Youtube video would have been a lot better with some voice over instead of the bland music.

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