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All Volkswagen ID. models will now receive regular software updates via mobile data transfer. The updates had previously only been available as part of a test phase for customers who had registered with the “ID. First Movers Club”.

The “ID. Software 2.3” offers new functions and optimizes existing ones. Networking the entire ID. fleet will allow Volkswagen to lay the foundation for new, customer-oriented business models. Thus far, Volkswagen remains the only high-volume manufacturer to provide this technology for its customers.

Full availability of our Over-the-Air Updates underlines the innovative capacity of Volkswagen and forms the basis for a completely new, digital customer experience. At the same time, we are laying the foundation for new digital business models and hitting a key milestone in our ACCELERATE strategy.

—Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätter

In the future, Volkswagen plans to provide its customers with free software around every twelve weeks to keep the vehicles up to date and improve the customer experience. Volkswagen is also aiming to generate increased revenue during the usage phase with new, data-based business models for services and functions that the customer can now order as required, whenever these are needed.

For example, this could be Travel Assist or improved battery performance for long journeys, or even automated driving at a later point in time. Volkswagen sees the potential to generate hundreds of millions in additional revenue over the next few years.

The Over-the-Air Updates are being developed in close collaboration with CARIAD, the Volkswagen Group's software company.

The new updates are a central functionality of the digital, connected car. They will quickly become normal for our customers, in the same way as they have for their smartphones. Software development is iterative and fast. We work in short cycles, like a tech company, and provide updates to our customers at correspondingly short intervals.

—Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development

Volkswagen also wants to stay in touch with its customers after selling or leasing the car, to provide digital services.

The new update optimizes functions for security and comfort. Some of the new functions affect the ID. Light, a light strip at the bottom of the windshield. It now gives the driver information that can provide intuitive support for energy-saving driving, and when driving with the automatic distance control system “Active Cruise Control” (ACC).

Image processing has also been improved for the multifunction camera, allowing it to recognize motorcycles and other road users even more swiftly. The same applies when driving in the dark. If installed, dynamic main beam control allows even more precise headlight regulation. The graphics on the central infotainment display become calmer and clearer, with more intuitive operation—showing how Volkswagen reacts to feedback from the first ID. customers.


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