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At Motor Bella 2021, Bosch is introducing its new efficient 230 electric motor for commercial and medium-duty vehicles. The new 230 electric motor has a rated voltage of 800 volts and is designed for long service life.


Bosch‘s electric motor 230 for commercial vehicles.

During its development, Bosch engineers paid particular attention to optimizing the continuous power density to enable a compact design and easy integration into electric rigid axles. To achieve this, hairpin winding technology is used in the stator as well as combined oil-water cooling.

The rotor and stator are internally oil-cooled and the active parts are installed in a water cooling jacket. The new electric motor is available in power ratings between 150 and 230 kilowatts continuous output.

The Bosch portfolio also includes an advanced inverter with silicon carbide(SiC) technology. The improved electrical conductivity of this new semiconductor material reduces heat losses, enabling higher switching frequencies and improved power density. With this Bosch achieves an efficiency of up to 99% in its new generation of inverters. Silicon carbide chips used in power electronics can improve the efficiency of the battery powertrain by as much as 6%.

When combined, the inverter and electric motor are fine-tuned to each other to enable their use together in one system. This results in a system efficiency of up to 97%.

This year, Bosch will spend $800 million (€700 million) on developing electrical mobility solutions, including fuel cells, an increase of nearly 40% over 2020. In North America, Bosch has continued its commitment to its mobility customers by investing more than $250 million in capital expenditures in 2021.


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