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E.ON and Volkswagen have introduced the E.ON Drive Booster, built by Volkswagen Group Components in operation. As a flexible fast charger, it requires no civil engineering work or adjustments to the grid connection and can charge two electric vehicles simultaneously with up to 150 kW. This means the expansion of a dense public network of fast-charging stations can become a reality much sooner than was previously assumed.


The E.ON Drive Booster doesn’t need to draw its power directly from the grid but rather has its own integrated battery storage system. A normal power connection like those found at any supermarket and the internal battery together provide the necessary capacity to charge two electric vehicles simultaneously with up to 150 kW. As a result, it only takes an average of 15 minutes to charge the cars with enough power for a range of around 200 km.

A normal charging column can also be upgraded very easily to the Booster. It is therefore suitable for branching into new locations rapidly and cost-effectively. Installation is easy: Place it, plug it in, configure it online—a “plug-and-play” charging station. There is no need for costly adaptations to infrastructure or civil engineering work. All this makes fast charging easy, affordable and possible anywhere.

With the Booster, E.ON is the first company to offer its German customers a solution like this, available immediately.



LFP cell are a perfect fit for this use case.


They would be a good fit

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