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YASA spin-out Evolito launches as a business with electric motors for aviation

YASA spin-out Evolito, a new company developing and manufacturing direct- and indirect-drive electric motors and power electronics for aerospace applications, launched publicly as a privately-owned business.

Evolito was spun out earlier this year by YASA (the pioneer of automotive axial-flux electric motors acquired by Mercedes-Benz in July 2021) exclusively to commercialize YASA’s next-generation electric motor technology and IP for the rapidly-growing aerospace market.

The business’s axial-flux motor technology has been proven in volume series production in the automotive industry and has even greater advantages in the aerospace market. Evolito’s ultra high-performance, low-weight axial-flux motors and power electronics are smaller, lighter and more robust than any other competing technology, opening up a range of new opportunities for Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL), Fixed Wing and distributed electric propulsion applications such as Urban Air Mobility (UAM).


The segmented topology of the Evolito motor is inherently more robust than other electric motor approaches, the company said, making it suited to the demands of the aerospace market where safety is paramount.

Evolito presently offers the YASA P400 & YASA 750 motors, but is expanding its range with new direct-drive and indirect-drive motors.

Direct Drive Motors
D500 500 N·m peak 100 kW continuous
D1500 1500 N·m peak 250 kW continuous
D3000 3000 N·m peak 500 kW continuous
Indirect Drive Motors
iD300 300 N·mm min. 100 kW continuous
iD400 300 N·mm min. 100 kW continuous
iD600 600 N·mm peak 250 kW peak

Electrification in aerospace is some ten years behind that of the automotive industry, but the market potential is huge. Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing, Electric Helicopter, Fixed-Wing and Urban Air Mobility aircraft need high power density, low weight electric powertrains with inherently high safety factors—a combination of attributes that are unique to our axial-flux electric motor and power electronics.

By leveraging YASA’s unique IP in the aerospace market, Evolito will fast-track the commercialization of electric flight and transform mobility as we know it.

—Gareth Morris, Managing Director, Evolito



Does this refer to gears?



Generally, if you run the motor faster, it weighs less for the same power but you may need to have a lower speed for the fan or propeller so yes their would have reduction gearing in the same way that most electric motors used for vehicles have reduction gearing although most do not require a shifting transmission.


Just say gears instead of indirect


Hub motors for vehicles also?
So far hub motors have met with little success; but, a lighter more efficient motor might work in the application.


Lighter air cooled would be good YASA are liquid cooled



Liquid cooled is lighter just about for anything. Why do you think that high performance motorcycles are liquid cooled?


Most small aircraft engines are air cooled

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