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PACCAR has teamed up with Aurora, a leading autonomous driving technology company, and FedEx to launch a commercial pilot of autonomous trucks in linehaul trucking operations. This is the first collaboration of its kind between a truck manufacturer, an autonomous technology developer and a logistics provider.


PACCAR’s autonomously enabled trucks configured with the Aurora autonomous Driver are hauling FedEx loads between Dallas and Houston, a 500-mile round trip, along the I-45 corridor. The trucks will operate autonomously, with a backup driver for additional safety.

As leaders in our respective fields, we have critical and unique perspectives on how to develop and deploy safe, self-driving truck solutions for this industry. This collaboration allows for the creation of a cohesive and integrated product and service. We believe there is no other credible way to deliver this complex and valuable technology at scale.

—Sterling Anderson, Aurora chief product officer

In January 2021, PACCAR announced a strategic alliance with Aurora to develop, test and commercialize autonomous Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks. (Earlier post.) The strategic alliance will integrate PACCAR’s state-of-the-art autonomous vehicle platform with the Aurora Driver to enhance the safety and operational efficiency of PACCAR’s customers.

This new commercial pilot collaboration demonstrates the excellent progress that PACCAR and Aurora are making in our strategic alliance.

—John Rich, PACCAR chief technology officer


Aurora self-driving system architecture. Source: Aurora

The Aurora Driver consists of sensors that perceive the world, software that plans a safe path through it, and the computer that powers and integrates them both with the vehicle. The Aurora Driver was designed to operate any vehicle type, from a sedan to a Class 8 truck.


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