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The City of Long Beach, California has entered into a public-private partnership with Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, with support from Mercedes-Benz USA Urban Mobility Solutions, and Xtelligent to develop transportation technology systems that will improve urban transportation management and enhance liveability and environmental sustainability in and around the city.

The public-private project will span a period of 10 months and will include:

  • Testing an intelligent intersection control system to safely adapt traffic signal timing at select intersections;

  • Data analysis from connected test vehicle fleets and existing physical sensors around the city to provide information that may improve future transportation policy and traffic engineering decisions; and

  • A community youth workshop for Long Beach residents and students.

We are excited to partner with Xtelligent and the City of Long Beach to research solutions to urban transportation challenges. With our test vehicle fleet, we hope to provide key data to optimize traffic signal timing and reduce congestion.

—Philipp Skogstad, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America

Data protection is a top priority for Mercedes-Benz, Xtelligent and the City, and the parties are committed to using data responsibly. Mercedes-Benz and Xtelligent will only share test vehicle data with appropriate notices and consents, and any data that must be shared with third parties will be anonymized and aggregated. This project is a joint effort between the City’s Technology and Innovation Department, Public Works Department and Economic Development Department.

Upon the conclusion of the pilot, the team will evaluate results and explore opportunities to scale the effort.


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