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Ultium Cells LLC, a joint venture between LG Energy Solution and General Motors (GM), will use Honeywell’s Quality Control System (QCS) to ensure the quality and integrity of the lithium-ion batteries produced at its new manufacturing plant in Lordstown, Ohio. Due to be completed in 2022, the 2.8 million square-foot factory will produce lithium-ion battery cells for GM electric vehicles ranging from Cadillac sedans to Hummers and will be one of the largest electric vehicle battery plants in the United States.


MXProLine scanner

Honeywell’s QCS will deploy compact, high-precision scanners and basis weight sensors to serve as the quality control platform for four of the Lordstown plant’s production lines. Honeywell’s system will help Ultium Cells meet key quality requirements by measuring electrode coat weight, a key parameter in the production of battery cells.

In addition, Honeywell’s modular platform and proven industry expertise will help Ultium Cells ensure long-term success by adapting new measurement and control technology as battery cell production requirements evolve.

We chose Honeywell because of the company’s deep understanding of the lithium-ion battery sector and the fact its measurement and control technology is already being used in critical areas of manufacturing. Given the depth of their knowledge, Honeywell is well positioned to offer us insights, helping us to increase productivity and profitability as we grow.

—Germanus Woo - Planning Director, Ultium Cells

Ultium Cells was founded as part of GM’s long-term strategy to produce a complete range of zero-emissions, all-electric cars and trucks by 2035. The batteries produced at the Lordstown plant will be high performance, capable of a range of 400 miles with fast charging and long operational life, and they will require strict quality controls in the production process.

Honeywell’s QCS offers a holistic, end-to-end measurement and control capability that is easy to ramp up from pilot operations to commercial scale and is an integral part of the overall Honeywell Process Solutions Operations Technology portfolio for lithium-ion battery cell production.


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