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BrightDrop, GM’s new business focused on electric last-mile deliveries (earlier post), has completed the first production builds of the EV600, a key milestone to deliver its first electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV) to FedEx Express in time for the holiday season. The build completion is the fastest vehicle program to market in General Motors’ history and comes amid global supply chain delays and shortages.

The company also unveiled a new addition to its vehicle lineup, the EV410, a mid-size eLCV designed for smaller, more frequent trips. Verizon, one of the largest fleet operators in the US, is the first customer slated to integrate the EV410 into its field maintenance and service fleet.

BrightDrop EV600 - 1


BrightDrop’s EV600 record-setting development timeline of just 20 months was made possible by leveraging GM’s highly flexible Ultium battery platform, innovative virtual development processes established by the GMC HUMMER EV program, and an agile approach to manufacturing development.

In addition to the segment-leading range of up to 250 miles (GM estimated, based on a full charge and subject to change prior to production) and safety features (as of January 2021), fleet managers can also expect an estimated yearly savings of US$7,000 by going electric with the EV600 when compared to a similar diesel-powered vehicle.

To hit this production milestone, BrightDrop is partnering with a US supplier partner for initial low-volume production while the conversion of GM’s CAMI Assembly Plant in Ingersoll, Canada, is completed. CAMI will serve as the large-scale production home of BrightDrop’s EV600 van starting in November 2022.

BrightDrop EV410. BrightDrop’s newest vehicle, the EV410 combines many of the same features of the EV600, offering more than 400 cubic feet of cargo area, a shorter wheelbase of just over 150 inches and length of under 20 feet. This new, mid-size delivery van offers exceptional curb management, maneuverability and can fit into a standard-size parking space—a key feature to reduce street congestion in urban areas.

BrightDrop EV410 Profile


Well-suited for faster, smaller payload deliveries or as a service vehicle—from online grocery delivery to telecom maintenance—the EV410 offers versatility for a myriad of use cases and expands zero-emissions driving to companies such as Verizon, helping them meet their sustainability goals while opening new and exciting markets for BrightDrop.

The EV410 will be available with many of the same range, segment-leading safety, and driver convenience features of the EV600, including:

  • Estimated range of up to 250 miles on a full charge

  • Available at a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 10,000 pounds

  • Standard safety features include Front and Rear Park Assist, Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Alert, Following Distance Indicator, Front Pedestrian Braking, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, IntelliBeam Automatic High Beams and HD Rear Vision Camera

  • Additional available safety and driver assistance features include Rear Cross Traffic Braking, Blind Zone Steering Assist, Reverse Automatic Braking, HD Surround Vision, Rear Pedestrian Alert and Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking, among others

  • Security system with motion sensors to help keep cargo secure

  • Comfort and convenience for drivers through features designed, based on hundreds of hours in the field, to help them do their job more efficiently and with more ease, such as a low step-in height, front sliding pocket doors, wide cabin walkways and an available large auto-open cargo bulkhead door

The EV410 is the latest vehicle in BrightDrop’s ecosystem of last-mile solutions, joining the EV600, the company’s first eLCV slated to hit roads later this year; the EP1, an all-electric smart container designed to replace the age-old dolly; and a software platform for fleet and asset management.

BrightDrop plans to begin EV410 production in 2023 at CAMI Assembly.



"In addition to the segment-leading range of up to 250 miles and safety features, fleet managers can also expect an estimated yearly savings of US$7,000 by going electric with the EV600 when compared to a similar diesel-powered vehicle."

Even if you were not concerned about pollution and global warming (and I hasten to add that I am), the switch to battery electric delivery would happen for pure economics. The cost to own and operate the vehicles will be less. With the responsiveness and the ease of driving, this becomes a no-brainer. I think that GM is going to have trouble keeping up with demand. Ford also has a battery electric version of the Transit at a very reasonable price (only ~$1500 more than the gas version). This should also be a best seller for delivery and service applications.


Fast introduction is great for GM as usually they take years to develop. No need to wait for Tesla truck now..

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