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ElectraMeccanica Vehicles will begin customer deliveries of its single-occupant, three-wheeled, electric vehicle, the SOLO.  The company will officially begin delivering keys to customers at a special launch event scheduled for 4 October in Los Angeles with a select group of early reservation holders along with the company’s first fleet owners. Deliveries to other reservation holders and customers will steadily increase as production continues to ramp.


The SOLO is a purpose-built, three-wheeled, all-electric solution for the urban environment. Engineered for a single occupant, it offers a unique driving experience for the environmentally conscious consumer.

The SOLO has a range of 100 miles and a top speed of 80 mph, making it safe for highways. The SOLO features front and rear crumple zones, side impact protection, roll bar, torque-limiting control, as well as power steering, power brakes, air conditioning and a Bluetooth entertainment system. It blends a modern look with safety features at an accessible price point of $18,500.

ElectraMeccanica began production of the SOLO EV a year ago with its manufacturing partner and strategic investor, Zongshen Industrial Group. These initial production vehicles were primarily used for retail expansion, test drive events, fleet demonstrations, marketing and final on-road engineering enhancements. At the same time, the Company developed the systems required for sales, logistics, distribution, and service to ensure the ultimate ‘Drive SOLO’ customer experience.

The company earlier introduced a new fleet and commercial version of the SOLO Cargo EV. In May , it broke ground at the 235,000 sq. ft. US assembly facility and engineering technical center in Mesa, AZ.

ElectraMeccanica has a retail footprint in five western states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.



Probably considerably safer than a motorcycle but it will fall under safety rules for a motorcycle so it does not need to have the same safety testing that a 4-wheel car needs to go thru. Price is reasonable if it fits your needs for urban commuting. Will have to see if it sells in any reasonable volume. Polaris sells a more sporting 3-wheel IC powered vehicle but it does not seems to have sold very many although maybe more were sold in warmer areas of the country


We will see if people want three wheel cars

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