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Argonne Lab hosting webinar on blocking threats to rare earth supplies using supercomputers

Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory are hosting a 15-minute open-access webinar on 28 October about how to block threats to supplies of rare earth minerals using supercomputers.


A wide range of devices and machines rely on rare earth elements that are mined and refined largely in China. But supplies are vulnerable. Disruptions can linger in the rare earth markets for longer than expected, as today’s shortage of semiconductors continues to roil the car market.

In this webinar, Allison Bennett Irion, chair of Argonne’s Advanced Supply Chain Analytics initiative, will show how her team finds such insights by running one-of-kind models on the lab’s supercomputing resources.

Bennett Irion and moderator John Harvey, Business Developmemt Executive at Argonne, will explain how to uncover threats to materials inside the emerging technologies shaping this century.


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