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Snam launches HyAccelerator global-scale accelerator for hydrogen startups

Snam, the main Italian operator for the transport and dispatching of natural gas in Italy, launched HyAccelerator, a corporate global-scale startup acceleration program focused on hydrogen. The program kicked off with the first call for startups, dedicated to players active along the entire hydrogen value chain, from transportation to storage and end uses.

The startups selected after the calls will have access to an acceleration process lasting between four and six months, with research and development support, as well as mentoring, networking and technology testing. These activities will also be able to leverage on the network of the Hydrogen Innovation Center opened by Snam in partnership with universities and research centres.

At the end of the program, the startups will conduct feasibility studies with Snam for future hydrogen pilot projects. Snam aims at exploring and supporting technologies with the greatest potential to accelerate the development of hydrogen and contribute to efforts to decarbonize the economic system, in line with national and international climate targets.

HyAccelerator is part of Snam’s innovation strategy and the startup application and selection process will be carried out in line with Snaminnova, the company’s Open Innovation platform.

Late in September, Snam and IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) announced a partnership agreement aimed at developing hydrogen based on renewables (green hydrogen) to support the energy transition worldwide.

The two parties will cooperate to study and possibly implement alongside other partners, pilot projects on renewables generation, transport and distribution of green hydrogen with a view to the development of replicable business cases.

Under the new cooperation, Snam and IRENA will encourage public-private partnerships to accelerate hydrogen demand on industrial scale and will promote research and development initiatives to bring down costs as well as support technology developments.

The partnership will leverage on Snam’s expertise as a network infrastructure operator, further boosted by its equity interests held in the Italian company Industrie De Nora and the British ITM Power, both leading companies in the hydrogen field and more specifically in the electrolyzers production. The partnership will also be strengthened by Snam’s role and contribution to the Green Hydrogen Catapult initiative.

The partnership shall be subject to any possible binding agreements to be subsequently negotiated between the parties in compliance with all the relevant applicable laws and regulations.


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