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The city of Rybnik, Poland has ordered 16 electric buses from Solaris; the 16 e-buses will roll onto Rybnik streets in spring 2022. This is the first order for electric vehicles from this city to be completed by Solaris.

The order consists of 11 low-floor Urbino 12 electric and 5 articulated Urbino 18 electric buses. The vehicles have been commissioned by KŁOSOK Sp. z o.o. sp. k., which, by order of the public transport authority in Rybnik, will provide public transport services in the city for the next 10 years.

The vehicles to be delivered to Rybnik will be powered by High Energy batteries with a total capacity of more than 440 kWh in the Urbino 12 electric buses and over 500 kWh in the Urbino 18 electric units. They will be recharged using a plug-in charger. The drive in both vehicle types will consist of drive axles with integrated electric motors.

All of the ordered buses will be fitted with features to aid the driver’s work and to enhance travel safety. These include, among other things, rain and light sensors, LED lighting including cornering lights, electrically adjustable and heated side-view mirrors, an intercom for communication between the driver and passengers, as well as the Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS). The latter has been designed with pedestrians in mind and they will be alerted by special sounds generated by the system to warn them of the presence of an electric drive vehicle.


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