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DOE: California, Washington, and Hawaii had the highest share of transportation-related CO2 emissions in 2018

In 2018, US states with the highest shares of CO2 emissions coming from transportation were primarily located along the eastern and western coasts, with California, Hawaii, and Washington having the highest share at 59%, followed closely by Idaho at 58%.

The four lowest states were Louisiana (19%), North Dakota (15%), West Virginia (14%), and Wyoming (12%). Nationally, 37% of CO2 emissions were from transportation.


Based on energy-related CO2 data for five sectors—residential, commercial, industrial, electric utilities, and transportation. Source: US Energy Information Administration, Energy-Related CO2 Emission Data Tables, Table 4.



Not surprising.  California has largely de-industrialized, Hawaii never was, Washington runs on hydro and energy production no doubt dominates the emissions of the other states.

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