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Niobium company CBMM to acquire 20% of startup Battery Streak

CBMM, global leader in Niobium products, has signed an agreement to acquire 20% of the startup Battery Streak. With the investment, the company expects to drive developments in materials for batteries in mobility applications, electronic equipment, and drones.

This strategic investment is part of CBMM’s new business plan, which aims to accelerate innovation in materials for battery technology, a very promising segment that should represent 25% of the company’s revenue by 2030.

—Rodrigo Amado, Strategy and New Businesses Manager at CBMM

Since 2019, CBMM has been tactically investing in startups related to material innovation and connected with the global electrification mega-trend. All startups invested use Niobium in their technologies.

With a long-term vision, CBMM will continue to invest in research and development of Niobium technologies for lithium-ion batteries.

We are working intensely with large partners to offer to the market, mainly for the automotive sector, batteries with unique characteristics, such as ultra-fast recharging, in less than 10 minutes, greater stability and safety. Battery Streak is fully aligned with this goal and will allow us to take an important step, allowing applications beyond the mobility market.

—Rodrigo Amado

Battery Streak (BSI), is a startup linked to the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). BSI’s patented technology uses nano-structured Niobium oxide as the anode of lithium-ion batteries. With the partnership, CBMM and BSI intend to offer the first products to the market in 2023.


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