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Bosch to invest more than €400M in its semiconductor fabs in 2022

In the face of the global chip shortage, Bosch is increasing its capital expenditure. Just a few weeks after opening its new wafer fab in Dresden, Bosch has now announced another nine-figure investment in its chip manufacturing facilities. In 2022 alone, Bosch plans to invest more than €400 million in expanding its wafer fabs in Dresden and Reutlingen, Germany, and its semiconductor operations in Penang, Malaysia.

Most of the capital expenditure is earmarked for Bosch’s new 300-millimeter wafer fab in Dresden, where manufacturing capacity is to be expanded even faster in 2022. Around €50 million of the planned sum will be spent on the wafer fab in Reutlingen near Stuttgart in the coming year.

Bosch will invest a total of €150 million in additional clean-room space here from 2021 to 2023. In Penang, Malaysia, Bosch is also building a test center for semiconductors from scratch. Starting in 2023, the center will test finished semiconductor chips and sensors.


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