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Tide Bus Danmark in the Danish city of Aalborg has ordered 14 Solaris bi-articulated 24-meter electric buses. This is an unique order on an European scale, both as regards the length and specific design of the vehicles.


The bi-articulated Solaris e-buses will be deployed for passenger transport in Aalborg, a Danish city in North Jutland. These 24-meter vehicles are specially designed for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes.

We were very glad to hear that Denmark would be the first country ever to receive delivery of electric Urbino 24 MetroStyle buses. This is a bus generation with a high passenger capacity and unique design that perfectly suits the character of modern cities. I am convinced that our collaboration with Tide Bus Danmark will open up a new chapter in our activities and support sustainable urban transport.

—Petros Spinaris, member of the Management Board for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

Each seat on the Solaris Urbino 24 electric MetroStyle bus will be fitted with a USB port for mobile devices and the vehicle will feature LED lighting. As regards the exterior of the bus, customer Tide Bus Danmark has opted for the MetroStyle version with a new distinctive front design. Its dynamic appearance was designed with BRT routes in mind.

The drive system of the 24-meter electric bus will consist of two traction motors with a total capacity of 240 kW, propelling two drive axles. The installed Solaris High Energy battery pack, with a total capacity of more than 700 kWh, will be charged via a plug.

Each of the 14 ordered unique e-buses will be fitted with automatic driver assistance systems. MirrorEye is a system of cameras that replaces the rear- and side-view mirrors and ensures optimal visibility. Additionally, the system reduces the total width of the bus, which is particularly important on narrow streets or with increased road traffic.

The Mobileye Shield+ system will, in turn, allow risks related to the vehicle’s blind spot to be eliminated. With cameras placed on both sides of the bus, the driver receives warnings of pedestrians and cyclists located nearby. In order to improve fleet management, the Urbino 24 electric MetroStyle will be equipped with eSConnect, a comprehensive diagnostics instrument, to enhance operational efficiency and facilitate maintenance.

The 24-meter vehicle was presented to the public for the first time at Busworld Europe 2019 in Brussels. The idea behind the vehicle was to create a platform for the future serial production of not only 24-meter vehicles with an electric or hybrid drive but also of trolleybuses. The order placed by the operator from Denmark is the first for this bi-articulated vehicle with an electric drive.



Interesting design. I wonder if it has some sort of automated backup system. I could imagine having computer controlled steering for the final axle.

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