DOE awarding combined $127M to 5 Supertruck 3 projects; battery-electric and fuel cell trucks
Canadian Pacific expands hydrogen locomotive program; additional locomotives, fueling stations; $15M from ERA

DOE awarding $71M to 20 RD&D projects to cut GHG emissions, expand EV infrastructure; $5M to Achates for opposed-piston 2-stroke hybrid

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding $71 million to 20 research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) projects with industry, academia, and non-profits including Clean Cities Coalitions for the creation of solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for on- and off-road vehicles and to accelerate the expansion of EV infrastructure and charging. (DE-FOA-0002475, earlier post.)

Projects will work to lower emissions by leading the expansion of EV charging stations to facilitate the transition from fossil fuel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles. This includes EV charging community projects, such as installing charge stations within multi-unit housing, hosting community-led demonstrations that address barriers to EV adoption and lowering costs for direct current (DC) fast charging equipment.

Of the $71 million, Achates Power will receive $5 million for work on an opposed-piston 2-stroke hybrid commercial vehicle system, and Cummins will receive $4 million for its work on an ultra-low emissions heavy-duty 10L natural gas engine.

Fiscal Year 2021 Low Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Vehicle Technologies RD&D DE-FOA-0002475

Awardee Project Description Federal share
AOI 1: EV Charging Community Partner Projects
Forth Affordable Mobility Platform (AMP) $5,020,217
Metropolitan Energy Center EV Market Stimulation in Divested Economies $5,222,326
Native Sun Community Power Development Upper Midwest Inter-Tribal EV Charging Community Network $6,666,667
Tennessee Technological University Rural Reimagined: Building an EV Ecosystem and Green Economy for Transforming Lives in Economically Distressed Appalachia $4,012,930
AOI 2: EV Workplace Charging
CALSTART Charge to Work USA: National Workplace Charging Program $3,999,994
Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition Equitable Mobility Powering Opportunities for Workplace Electrification Readiness (EMPOWER) $3,970,539
Forth Leadership of Employers for Electrification Program (LEEP) $4,000,000
AOI 3: Reducing the Cost of DC Fast Charging Equipment
BorgWarner Inc Technology & Design Innovations to Maximize the Reduction Effect on DCFC Unit Cost Economics (Max-REDUCE) $4,093,880
Eaton Corporation A Solid State Technology Enabled Compact, Modular Design to Reduce DC Fast Charging Cost and Footprint $4,906,074
North Carolina State University Ultra-low Cost, All-SiC Modular Power Converters for DC Fast Charging Equipment Connected Directly to Medium Voltage Distribution System $3,858,644
AOI 4a: Research to Transform the Efficiency of Off-Road Vehicles
Eaton Corporation Simultaneous Greenhouse Gas and Criteria Pollutants Emissions Reduction for Off-Road Powertrains $2,377,904
Marquette University Development of a Flex Fuel Mixing Controlled Combustion System for Gasoline/Ethanol Blends Enabled by Prechamber Ignition $2,500,000
AOI 4b: Electrified Construction Vehicle Research, Development, and Validation
John Deere Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) Electrification - GHG Reductions and Commercialization of New Technology in Construction Vehicles Fleet $2,756,732
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities Fully Electric Powered, Hydraulic Assisted, Compact Track Loader $2,365,364
AOI 5: Natural Gas Engine Enabling Technologies
Cummins Inc. Cummins High Efficiency, Ultra Low Emissions Heavy- Duty 10L Natural Gas Engine Project $4,000,000
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Plasma-Assisted Pre-Chamber Ignition System for Highly Dilute Stoichiometric Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Engines $1,645,430
AOI 6: Dimethyl Ether and Propane Engine Enabling Technologies
University of Wisconsin- Madison High-Efficiency Mixing Controlled Compression Ignition Combustion of Propane DME Blends $2,373,453
WM International Engineering LLC High Pressure Fast Response Direct Injection System for Liquified Gas Fuels Use in Light-Duty Engines $1,994,690
AOI 7: Integrated Hybrid System with Opposed Piston 2-Stroke
Achates Power Inc Opposed-Piston 2-Stroke Hybrid Commercial Vehicle System $5,000,000
AOI 8: Natural Gas Vehicle Technology Proof of Concept
ASRC Consulting & Environmental Services, LLC Project Siļa: An Arctic CNG Pilot Test Program $1,064,076



Nice to see that Achates receives funding. However, I cannot comprehend why it has to be combined with a hybrid drive at this stage. This is of course a possible option, and probably require some additional work in comparison to a traditional piston engine, but the priority now should be to complete engine development and make it ready for production. Hybridization can wait.

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