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Urban Air Mobility Division of Hyundai Motor Group expands industry’s first air traffic management consortium with new members

The Urban Air Mobility Division of Hyundai Motor Group announced the expansion of its Airspace Management Consortium with the introduction of Skyroads (formerly D3 Technologies), Altitude Angel and OneSky to the industry working group.

The Group launched the Consortium in June to serve as a resource for the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry and policymakers in the United States and internationally as they begin to shape common operating and design standards that support industry development.

Hyundai Motor Group convenes the Consortium quarterly to facilitate sharing of key learnings and best practices. The new members plan to contribute strategic insight on the Group’s concept of operations (ConOps) for AAM airspace management and ground mobility integration. Looking ahead, the Group will work with Consortium members to simulate the operation of UAS Traffic Management (UTM) and AAM network and ultimately flight test the Group’s ConOps.

Hyundai Motor Group sourced the three newest Consortium members independently because of their unique approaches, geographic presence and expertise.

Skyroads (formerly D3 Technologies), a Germany-based aviation embedded systems developer, provides a continuously evolving software/hardware solution for airspace management and air traffic control, as well as flight management, aimed at AAM including human transport; it is based on the principles of system-wide information management and positive deterministic control.

Altitude Angel, the UK-based unified traffic management provider, brings experience in both hardware and software solutions, including its Project Arrow corridor, which features towers, equipped with a ground-to-aircraft system and cameras, for “digital line of sight” on a test corridor near Reading, United Kingdom.

OneSky, a US-based UTM provider, develops airspace assessment, operations, simulation and air traffic management solutions for the aviation industry. The global company will test various advanced air mobility solutions as part of its Consortium participation, including its previously created UTM ConOps in Singapore, as well as its urban air mobility routing and scheduling research it has conducted with NASA.



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