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Koura, a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of fluoroproducts and technologies and part of the Orbia community of companies, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Silatronix, a specialist in organosilicon (OS) electrolytes (earlier post).

Koura is currently the largest producer of fluorspar in the world, accounting for more than 20% of global supply, as well as the producer of around 10% of global hydrofluoric acid supply. The company is executing on a comprehensive energy materials strategy; the Silatronix acquisition complements Koura’s capabilities in energy storage deployment.

Koura works with key industry players and researchers in the lithium-ion battery industry to develop and to manufacture a range of advanced fluorine materials. Fluorine is a critical element in the battery supply chain and it is used in production of battery electrolytes, additives, binders and other materials. Koura is actively developing fluorine-containing materials for use in current and next generation Li-ion batteries.

Koura is also actively developing new fluorinated additives and co-solvents that offer the possibility of enhanced safety and performance in Li-ion batteries. Fluorine additives and co-solvents enable increased energy per mass of battery while ensuring safety. The unique properties of fluorine-containing materials make them suited for use in high-energy battery environments and provide stability in all modes of operation.

Koura has developed a palette of fluorinated materials that includes a wide variety of functions, characteristics and physical properties.

Silatronix brings unique expertise in fluorosilane additives for Lithium-ion batteries and an industry-wide reputation for developing solutions that deliver improved battery safety and performance in a range of applications, from electric vehicles to stationary, grid-scale storage.

Silatronix’ lead product is OS3—the latest generation in performance-enhancing organosilicon electrolyte materials. OS3 improves the performance of Li-ion batteries when added to LiPF6-based battery cells in concentrations of just 2-5%. OS3 also delivers substantial safety and stability improvements.

OS3 is a solvent, not a traditional additive, Silatronix notes. The difference is that OS3 is a complementary part of the Li-ion electrolyte and additive system. While additives are typically consumed during the first few cycles of a battery, Silatronix OS3 works as a component of the system. The material stays as part of the electrolyte formulation throughout the life of the battery.

Alongside our unique ownership of raw material assets and expertise in fluorine technology, Koura is committed to developing next- generation battery technologies that can deliver improved safety, performance and sustainability. Bringing on board Silatronix’s expertise and technologies will further enable us to achieve these goals, support the advancement of the entire lithium-ion battery industry, and accelerate renewable adoption.

—Gregg Smith, President of Koura

With its focus on improving the sustainability and efficiency of lithium-ion batteries, Koura and Orbia recently led a $70-million investment round in Battery Resourcers, a closed-loop lithium-ion battery recycler based in Worcester, Massachusetts. Koura is engaged in several initiatives with Battery Resourcers to develop recycling technologies, which the Silatronix team will also support.


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