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International technology company Semcon is collaborating with Hystar, a Norwegian company that has developed a novel PEM electrolysis technology, to increase the amount of hydrogen gas that can be produced through electrolysis by more than 150% compared to current electrolyzer technology without using more energy.

The EU has identified the production of renewable green hydrogen gas as a priority and crucial to achieving the European Green Deal. Hystar has developed a PEM electrolysis technology that enables green hydrogen to be produced at higher efficiencies than existing PEM technologies.

A unique cell design and process architecture offers an opportunity to reduce electricity consumption and increase hydrogen output, significantly lowering the cost of green hydrogen production from PEM electrolysis.

The electrolyzer technology we’re developing together will allow Hystar to produce highly energy efficient electrolyser stacks, with the potential to reduce the capital cost of electrolysis by up to 60%. This is something that the world really needs.

—Tommy Ekman, Technical Lead and Project Manager at Semcon

Traditional production processes, in which hydrogen gas is produced from natural gas, emit large amounts of CO2. A more eco-friendly alternative is water electrolysis, in which electricity is used to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. When electricity from renewable sources is used for this process, the result is classified as green hydrogen.

The aim of the project is to develop a new generation of electrolyzers that contain new design concepts for components, all in order to have the possibility to scale production depending on the needs. This has resulted in the project being conducted as a research and development project, where the challenges are handled in an interdisciplinary manner with significant analysis, experiments, and input from various experts.

The aim is that Hystar’s products can soon be used in many different industries as well as for fuel in all forms of transportation.

Semcon has been working for more than a decade on the development of fuel cells, hydrogen gas systems and integration for several different clients and in various research projects. It works with solutions for both the production and use of hydrogen gas. Semcon also has unique competence in advanced automation and production of components and fuel cell stacks.

Semcon works with specialist areas such as:

  • Simulation (CFD and FEM flow plates, stack and hydrogen gas systems).

  • Design (flow plates, hydrogen gas systems and integration).

  • Production (automation concepts, robotic cells and special purpose machinery for the manufacturing of flow plates and fuel cell stacks, test cells, tools and fixtures.

  • Integration (project management, research projects, electrification, integration of vehicles and stationary applications).

  • Software development (control system applications, software and system integration of fuel cell modules in complete products).



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