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Merchants Fleet, the US’ fastest growing fleet management company (FMC), has reserved 5,400 BrightDrop EV410s, the all-new, mid-size electric light commercial vehicle purpose-built for the delivery of goods and services over long ranges, as well as other service applications. (Earlier post.) The announcement underscores Merchants’ fleet electrification leadership position, as BrightDrop’s first and largest FMC customer, with the highest intent to buy electric vehicles to date.

EV410_Profile_BlackCab_Merchants-1920w copy

With an estimated range of up to 250 miles on a full charge, the mid-size EV410 offers exceptional curb management and maneuverability, and is well-suited for faster, smaller payload deliveries, or as a last mile and traditional service vehicle. The EV410’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of less than 10,000 pounds also limits the need for additional operating licenses. By providing many of the same features as the larger BrightDrop EV600 in a lighter weight package, the EV410 is making zero-emissions driving a possibility for new segments.

Earlier this year, Merchants released an exclusive AdoptEV program that guides businesses through every step of the fleet electrification process—from assessing needs to purchasing the right vehicles to charging options and infrastructure. For Merchants clients such as Staples, guidance and support are key to making the transition to EV. Staples currently operates a fleet of 1,500 throughout North America and has recently begun introducing EVs into their current delivery fleet.

By Merchants investing in EVs they are making it possible for Staples to take tangible steps toward electrification, with innovative options like the EV410 that will allow us to transition some of our smaller fleet vehicles to EV as well.

—Paul Tarpey, Director of Fleet Procurement at Staples

BrightDrop is a new business, from General Motors, reimagining the commercial delivery and logistics industry for an all-electric future. Its portfolio of products, software, and services are designed to decarbonize last-mile deliveries and reduce congestion.



"Merchants Fleet,... has reserved 5,400 BrightDrop EV410s" This is in addition to the larger 12,600 EV600s that they have already ordered.

The lower cost of operation of these vehicles should rapidly drive the acceptance of battery electric delivery.

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