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QuantumScape 10-layer solid-state cell testing shows 800 cycles with 80% retention

Solid-state Li-metal battery company QuantumScape released 10-layer battery cell testing data showing 800 cycles at better than one-hour charge rates at 25 °C, achieving the goal it had laid out for 2021. With this achievement, QuantumScape has now met all the milestones it laid out at the beginning of the year.

The goal was to demonstrate a 10-layer cell capable of at least 800 cycles with energy retention greater than 80%; a 1C-1C charge and discharge rate; at 25°C, 3.4 atmospheres of pressure, and 100% depth of discharge.

The company now intends to focus on its goals for 2022 and 2023, including further increasing the quality, consistency and layer counts for the cells, delivering customer prototypes and continuing to build out its QS-0 pre-pilot production line.


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