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Toyota and the taxi service DRIVR have put more than 100 hydrogen taxis on the roads in Copenhagen, supporting the political goals for a greener taxi industry. The Danish government's aim is that no new taxis emit CO2 or air pollution from 2025 and by 2030 all moving taxis must be zero-emission cars.

The app-based taxi service, DRIVR, is one of the taxi companies that is at the forefront of the green transition. As a customer it has long been possible to choose between hybrid, electric and hydrogen cars. Now DRIVR has significantly increased the number of hydrogen taxis in the fleet. All 100 cars are Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicles.

The many new taxis help create the necessary take-off of hydrogen at the service stations, which is essential for the development of the infrastructure. And then the taxis are rolling showcases for green hydrogen technology, which is an area where the strong Danish value chain of subcontractors is among the world’s best.

—Tejs Laustsen Jensen, CEO Hydrogen Denmark

DRIVR’s hydrogen taxis have been launched as part of the European hydrogen for transport projects, Hydrogen Mobility Europe 2 (H2ME2) and Zero Emission Fleet vehicles For European Rollout (ZEFER), supported by The Hydrogen And Fuel Cell Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), in which both the City of Copenhagen, Toyota and the Hydrogen industry are partners. The project aims to spread hydrogen solutions for transport across the EU and has contributed to both wagons and hydrogen refueling stations in Denmark.


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