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BAE Systems has launched its next-generation power and propulsion system for the marine market. The HybriGen Power and Propulsion system is a flexible solution to help operators reach zero emissions—improving electrical efficiency and vessel range, increasing propulsion power, and simplifying installation.


The HybriGen Power and Propulsion solution uses variable speed generator sets to create electricity for auxiliary vessel power and electric propulsion. The system utilizes the generated electricity to deliver power to the hotel loads, the energy storage system, or paralleling with other power sources for greater power demand and system flexibility.


The new HybriGen Power and Propulsion system uses smaller and lighter components for vessels, building on the company’s 25 years of experience in electric propulsion systems. Its modular accessory power system (MAPS) and modular power control system (MPCS) allow for a scalable, tailor-made solution to fit the specific power and propulsion requirements of a range of vessels, from sailboats and tugs to passenger ferries.

Using a modular design, we can customize our solution to meet the exact needs of each customer, simplifying the installation and improving system reliability.

—Steve Trichka, vice president and general manager of Power & Propulsion Solutions at BAE Systems

BAE Systems’ electric propulsion technology supports low and zero emission applications with proven controls and components that are available in multiple system configurations.

Work on the HybriGen Power and Propulsion System will be conducted at the company’s facility in Endicott, NY.


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