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Israel-based automotive cybersecurity and data management company Upstream Security recently closed a Series C round which includes BMW i Ventures as a new investor.

Upstream provides a cloud-based data management platform purpose-built for connected vehicles, delivering automotive cybersecurity and advanced data-driven applications. The platform utilizes connected vehicle data to secure vehicles already on the road against known and unknown cyber-attacks and helps OEMs to unlock the value of automotive data.


Coupled with AutoThreat Intelligence, Upstream provides industry-leading cyber threat protection and actionable insights, integrated into the customer’s environment and vehicle security operations centers (VSOC).

Upstream’s customers include some of the world’s leading automotive OEMs, suppliers, and others, protecting millions of vehicles.

The partnership between Upstream and BMW provides a business and technology platform to collaborate on projects that improve and enhance the utilization of data analytics and technologies available for the connected vehicles industry.

The collaboration with Upstream started back in 2019 when Upstream joined the BMW Startup Garage program and became a supplier of the BMW Group. The pilot project was successfully completed by the BMW Technology Office in Israel. Leveraging the BMW Startup Garage program, Upstream can harness experienced and specialized resources to develop and test its technology.

With the growing number of connected vehicles on the road today, which is expected to multiply over the next few years, the automotive industry is putting an extra emphasis on cybersecurity. New technologies and tools are enabling OEMs to thwart future attacks, keeping their products and passengers safe.

The Upstream Platform unlocks the value of vehicle data, empowering customers to build connected vehicle applications by transforming highly distributed vehicle data into centralized, structured, contextualized data lakes.

BMW i Ventures is BMW’s venture capital firm, investing money and resources in startups in the fields of Transportation, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Sustainability. The firm has made many successful investments over the years in companies such as Bright Machines, Blackmore, Chargepoint, Graphcore,, Proterra, PureCycle, Solid Power, Tekion, Turntide, Xometry and more. BMW i Ventures invests in all stages from seed to growth with a focus on Series A/B.


Georgia Fortune

As modern technology is changing the way of our travel and many companies are competing each other in introducing technology oriented features in their vehicles. It has become vital for them to keep in mind the international standards of cybersecurity. Glad to see that BMW has invested a handsome amount for this purpose. I read about such technical things of vehicles and write papers. I come to know through blog that online help is available for engineering and science students to carve their important assignments easily.

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