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Austria’s biggest carrier orders first 5 Solaris hydrogen buses under framework agreement; option for up to 40

Waymo, Geely partner on autonomous Zeekr EV

Waymo is collaborating with Geely to integrate the Waymo Driver into a version of the new mobility-focused, all-electric Zeekr vehicle, designed in Sweden specially for autonomous ride-hailing (earlier post).


The rider-first vehicle features a flat floor for more accessible entry, easy ingress and egress due to a B-pillarless design, low step-in height, generous head and legroom, and fully adjustable seats.


Waymo One riders will one day experience an interior without steering wheel and pedals, and with plenty of headroom, leg room and reclining seats, screens and chargers within arm’s reach, and an easy to configure and comfortable vehicle cabin.

Waymo said it will begin to introduce these all electric, rider-first, fully autonomous vehicles on US roads within the Waymo One fleet in the years to come.



We need to decide if post Covid wants this


You could open the windows or provide people with individual snorkel like breathing devices.
However, people get by on buses with just open windows.


It is more psychological than environmental


@SJC - indeed, masks are just theatre, but proper ventilation will work.

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