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ecovolta, a Swiss manufacturer of high-performance battery systems for electric vehicles and machines, is launching a new generation of its evoTractionBattery traction battery. The lithium-ion battery offers an energy density of up to 172 Wh/kg, scalability and extensive safety features. The battery packs, which are certified to automotive standards, can be used in a variety of ways—especially for electric commercial vehicles, machines and boats.


Interest in these applications is currently growing particularly rapidly in European and international markets due to increasingly stringent environmental requirements. Municipalities and logistics companies are increasingly operating electric commercial vehicles in order to meet their climate targets. Construction companies use electric construction machines to meet national emission regulations.

From construction and agricultural machinery to industrial trucks and cable cars to boats, motorcycles and robots: our batteries are already used in numerous vehicles and machines. Based on the experience from these applications, our team has developed the new generation of ecovolta traction batteries.

—Benjamin Friedrich, Chief Operating Officer of ecovolta

Among other things, the new generation features optimized mechanical construction, materials and connections.

With voltages of 48 volts and 96 volts, four different memory sizes and interlinking options, the evoTractionBattery can be used for different applications and installation spaces and up to 400 volts at the overall system level. The integrated battery management system (BMS) is based on the automotive standard ISO 26262. Battery integration is facilitated by standardized interfaces to various on-board chargers. The individual battery packs are also protected against external influences.

The evoTractionBattery has a standard safety concept that uses cell connections made of electrolytically nickel-plated cold strip to separate damaged cells automatically from the rest of the battery pack when there is an increased current flow.

In addition, the BMS monitors all safety requirements for cell monitoring and the battery status in accordance with standards.

ecovolta will also support manufacturers of compact vehicles who are interested in electrification, but do not have the necessary development capacities, with the design and integration of complete drive trains. The company has already developed complete solutions for vans, small vehicles and excavators.

ecovolta is a division of the technology company ecocoach AG and is headquartered in Brunnen.


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