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TI Fluid Systems (TIFS), a leading global supplier of automotive fluid systems technology, has launched high volume production supply of various fluid products for the global Mercedes-Benz AG programs C-Class, GLC and E-Class hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).

TIFS will also supply products for Mercedes-Benz AG’s internal combustion engine (ICE) variants of this same platform. Mercedes-Benz is a key strategic OEM for TIFS.

TIFS has had a long-standing relationship with a supply of products in refrigerant, brake and fuel fluids with Mercedes-Benz. In addition to brake/fuel bundles and fuel storage delivery tank systems, the new programs represent a significant commitment to add coolant fluid products to the portfolio for internal combustion engines and hybrid or full electrification applications.

The fluid technologies developed for the Mercedes-Benz AG program was a collaborative global effort, specifically with teams in Germany, South Africa and China.

Supporting the industry from traditional gas and diesel fuel systems to new electrified systems requires capabilities and competencies with all types of fluid handling products and is a key milestone in the execution of our Fluid Evolution strategy with an important strategic OEM. We celebrate the OEM’s commitment to validate and release TIFS coolant products.

—Hans Dieltjens, President and CEO

For the first half of 2021, EV wins represented 47% of all total business wins for the company for the period. TIFS thermal refrigerant and coolant product lines are well represented in key BEVs.

Of 94 key BEV platforms identified by JP Morgan to launch primarily in Europe and North America between 2021 and 2028, 37% have TIFS thermal content with 12% of the 94 BEVs having TIFS heat pump content.

TIFS also continues to be awarded contracts for advanced technology products required to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy in hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).

Fluid systems—e.g., fluid carrying systems and fuel tank and delivery systems—must integrate seamlessly with body, chassis and powertrain systems, perform in all conditions, and meet tough regulatory demands for performance, emissions and safety. TI Fluid Systems has established a network of five technical centers and seven regional support centers to drive research and development.


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