Alstom and MOL to explore use of hydrogen technologies for rail transport in Hungary
Sigma Lithium begins construction of foundation and infrastructure for lithium production plant in Brazil

DOE data show nearly 10,000 workplace chargers have been installed as of Q1 2021

Workplace charging stations are private charging stations that are designated for employees only. From the last quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2021, the number of workplace chargers increased by 28% to a total of 9,894 chargers,, according to data gathered by the US Department of Energy (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Nearly 95% of workplace chargers were Level 2 as of the first quarter of 2021. In that same quarter, Level 1 chargers accounted for about 4% and DC fast chargers accounted for less than 1%.


Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Trends from the Alternative Fueling Station Locator: First Quarter 2021. Golden, CO, 2021.



Makes a lot of sense, especially for people visiting the sites where they may have traveled a long distance.
Then you would have the problem of availability - if you were planning to visit a site, you might want to pre-book their fast charger, assuming they had one.
It would also make PHEVs work much better for regular commutes (and they wouldn't need a high speed charger).
What you want is the ability to plug in a bunch of cars and have them all done by say 5.30pm.
(You could have some express lanes as well).

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