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Mazda2 Hybrid to be introduced in Europe; OEM model supplied by Toyota

Mazda Motor Corporation will introduce the Mazda2 Hybrid in Europe from the spring of 2022. The Mazda2 Hybrid will be an OEM model supplied by Toyota Motor Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, and will be added to the Mazda2 lineup in Europe and sold as Mazda's own brand vehicle.


The Mazda2 Hybrid offers the nimble handling of a compact car, high quality ride, a comfortable cabin and the latest safety technology. Furthermore, the model is powered by a hybrid system with an in-line three cylinder 1.5-liter engine and offers low fuel consumption and a powerful, seamless driving experience.

Establishing a basic agreement for a business alliance in 2015, Toyota and Mazda have since been collaborating in various fields, including advanced technologies, a joint venture plant, and sales finance. The Toyota Hybrid System-based model is just one of many results of the alliance.


The Lurking Jerk

I read somewhere that Toyota was looking at using Mazda's rotary range extender motor. Now that would be interesting.
The 1.5 liter motor is going in the right direction, but I'd rater see a 0.6 liter motor and a few extra batteries. I'd accept the hit in performance and I'd enjoy the phenomenal fuel economy.


This Mazda2 Hybrid is another product of the cooperation between Toyota, Mazda, Subaru and Suzuki arranged by MITI Japan.
This cooperation does not require a new approval. It is a simple, cheaper exchange of brand emblems for approval possible, valid and cheap. This is not new, but this time it is extreme for some non-affiliated companies (OEM). The big advantage is that Mazda now has a small advantage in achieving the EU fleet targets.

This is not new at Mazda because when Ford was involved in Mazda, the Ford Fiesta also became Mazda2, but Ford was involved in Mazda. Toyota is not officially involved in Mazda. This is a special flavor in this emblem swap soup!


" I'd accept the hit in performance and I'd enjoy the phenomenal fuel economy."
I've been enjoying that hit in performance and phenomenal fuel economy for over the past five years with my BEVs.

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