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Lightning eMotors reached a two-year agreement to purchase 175 MWh of CATL batteries. The agreement with CATL distributor Coulomb Solutions, Inc. (CSI) provides Lightning eMotors with additional optionality around form factor.

Having several battery size and shape options enables Lightning to address a variety of use cases and better meet customer requirements.


CATL battery products will be available to Lightning in two pack options—a 30 kWh battery and 35 kWh battery—for a total of more than 175 megawatt-hours of battery capacity.

Additionally, Lightning eMotors is working with CATL and CSI to design and install contactor safety switch systems on CATL C- and G-battery packs that will be exclusive to Lightning-eMotors. These switch systems will allow first responders to easily disable the vehicle’s entire EV powertrain in the event of an accident.

Production of vehicles using CATL battery packs is expected to begin in March and will help Lightning eMotors fulfill a wide range of customer orders in 2022.


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