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Magna new all-electric powertrain EtelligentReach set to hit market in 2022

Magna’s new all-electric connected powertrain, the EtelligentReach, will debut on a new entrant vehicle in 2022. The complete system comprises two electric motors, inverters and gearboxes, and leverages advanced software to maximize vehicle range and driving dynamics.


eDrive technology advancements and the holistic vehicle development approach of the EtelligentReach achieve a range increase of up to 145 km/90 miles or 30% compared to certain production BEV vehicles in this segment—a key differentiator in the growing electrification space.

Magna’s approach optimizes the interaction of individual eDrive components and the entire vehicle with a software package that manages multiple vehicle functions. On the new vehicle, for example, EtelligentReach utilizes a functional, modular control unit that integrates various powertrain and chassis functions. This includes a vehicle dynamics controller with a disconnect system which increases efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions, and a longitudinal torque vectoring function that can improve the safety margin by up to 10% by controlling each axle individually in all road conditions, as well as significantly reduce steering effort during dynamic cornering.

Customers can select from several distinctive driving modes, further enhancing the driving experience. Additional efficiency gains are achieved using silicon carbide within Magna’s inverter.

Magna’s leadership position and expertise in the powertrain space is foundational to the company’s ability to support the accelerated shift toward electrification.

The EtelligentReach is just one of Magna’s recent electrification solutions in its portfolio. Other systems include the EtelligentEco, an intelligent, connected PHEV system that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 38% and offers a unique cloud connectivity feature, and EtelligentForce which gives automakers the ability to electrify their trucks without sacrificing utility and functionality. The company will be showcasing these at its booth in the West Hall at CES 2022.



Nothing really new here; every EV maker has this; what about hub motors, torque vectoring without differentials, carbon wrapped motors, radial motors, etc. Where's the innovation?


Maybe they are not building a system to compete with a Plaid. Carbon wrapped motors are not necessary on the average car, and we don't know what the innovations are but may find out at CES. It could be they are cheaper, or easier to design around.


Two axial motors with no gears would be interesting
Could be used front, rear or both

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