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Edison Motors and Plug Power sign agreement for production of hydrogen-powered city buses in S. Korea

Korean electric car manufacturer Edison Motors signed an agreement with Plug Power to develop and to bring to market a hydrogen fuel-cell-powered electric city bus. Plug Power’s 125kW ProGen fuel cell engine will provide power to Edison Motors’ electric bus platform.

The companies expect to have a fuel-cell-electric-bus prototype completed by the second half of 2022 and be prepared to launch a mass-market platform by the first half of 2023.

The fuel cell electric city bus project is just the beginning of strategic cooperation between Edison Motors, and Plug Power. In the future, we hope to partner on other mobility applications including trucks, vessels, drones, and PAVs. We believe that our combined technology and know-how in electric buses will position us to sell fuel cell-powered electric buses not only in Korea but also in other overseas markets.

—Chairman Young-kwon Kang of Edison Motors

Edison Motors sold the largest number of electric buses in Seoul this year, for the second consecutive year, and the company is actively expanding its electric bus platform with the launch of a new inter-city long-range electric bus platform.


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