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Bremer Straßenbahnen accepts five Mercedes-Benz eCitaro buses, orders 15 more, plus 24 Citaro G

Mercedes-Benz delivered five eCitaro buses to Bremer Straßenbahn AG (BSAG); immediately afterward the transport company ordered another 15 Mercedes-Benz eCitaro as well as 24 Citaro G hybrid buses.

BSAG received 65 Mercedes-Benz Citaro (solo and articulated buses as well as Citaro G hybrid buses) this year and the last. Now five fully electric-powered eCitaro buses are following. Using solid-state batteries, the buses have a battery capacity of 441 kWh. Charging sockets on the left and right side will increase flexibility at the bus depot. Daimler Buses is also contributing the charging infrastructure for the five city buses with five fixed charging stations and three mobile units.

Following the handover of the five eCitaro buses, BSAG signed an order for an additional 15 eCitaro buses. They will be delivered with identical equipment during 2022. Charging technology will be included in the scope of delivery here as well.

BSAG also ordered 24 Citaro G hybrid buses. The fuel-efficient and low-emission articulated buses comply with the stringent exhaust gas level Euro 6E (to take effect in 2022) and enable transportation companies to make the purposeful transition from combustion engines to electric mobility with their city buses.

With nearly 350 buses and trams, Bremer Straßenbahn AG transports almost 300,000 passengers a day. The bus network comprises more than 40 lines with a total length of around 500 kilometers. BSAG wants to achieve 50% climate-neutral operations by 2025. The electricity used is already coming from hydroelectric and wind power. Moreover, BSAG is compensating for fossil fuels and the resulting emissions by participating in climate protection projects.


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