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Range Rover P440e Extended-Range PHEV starts at $104,900 in the US

Land Rover has confirmed prices for the advanced Extended-Range Plug-in Hybrid model and the Range Rover SV, while revealing performance figures for the plug-in hybrid electric powertrain.

L460_22MY_018_GLHD - HK EDIT (003).jpg

The P440e Extended-Range Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) offers a manufacturer-estimated EV range of 48 miles; EPA certification is pending.

The new Range Rover is also one of the few PHEVs to offer 50kW DC rapid charging capability and can charge up to 80% in under an hour, making it one of the fastest-charging plug-in hybrids


Alongside the P440e Extended-Range Plug-in Hybrid model, New Range Rover is also available with a choice of a mild-hybrid six-cylinder powertrain, plus an all-new Twin Turbo V8. A pure-electric Range Rover—the first all-electric Land Rover vehicle—will join the line-up in 2024.



They could have made it a better PHEV with a smaller ICE, and a bigger battery and powerful e-motor. Owners will either never plug it in (I have actually seen this because too lazy, rich, and buying it for HOV sticker, or virtue signalling), or have to plug it every day to actually get zero emissions.


Missing details here:
P440E 3.0-litre six-cylinder
38.2kWh Battery
105kW Electric-motor

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