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Chinese Li-ion battery maker Linkdata launches 26-46mm cylindrical cell family; new heavy-duty electric truck brand

Linkdata New Energy, a Chinese manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, launched its 26-46mm diameter series of cylindrical lithium-ion battery products. The company says that its new products—the 26mm SPEED2, the 37mm SPEED3, and the 46mm SPEED4 family cells—showcase its high-end cylindrical cells and its focused design concept “More Than One Answer” for the large cylindrical cell field—as in, there should not only be Tesla’s 46800-tabless solution.

In September 2021, Linkdata rolled out its high-performance fast-charging cell product series SPEED with features including up to 400 kilometers e-charge with 8 minutes of charging, achieving 800-1200 cycles of fast charging, and an energy density of 260 Wh/kg at the cell level.

The SPEED product series covers cylindrical and prismatic formats, achieves industry-leading performance for several key indicators using high nickel cathode and SiOx anode, delivers a high level of safety for single cells, and supports achieving system-level safety of No-Thermal-Propagation (NTP).

Linkdata’s fast-charging power batteries are about to enter mass production this year; large pre-orders from Chinese and international carmakers are already coming in, signaling that the firm is well-positioned to supply high-performance, high-quality lithium-ion battery/cell products to the global electric vehicle (EV) market.

Dr. Yang Sitao, Linkdata‘s Chief Technology Officer & Vice President said that, unlike Tesla’s 46800 cells, in terms of the structural design and functional materials, the SPEED4 products have improved thermal conductivity and reduced internal resistance, while its robust systems are designed to lower cost and improve performance, making it more suitable for family cars.

Meanwhile, the SPEED3 family avoids multiple challenges facing the 46mm products, such as manufacturing process, thermal conductivity, power, and structural design. At the same time, it offers a higher energy density than the 26mm cells and delivers a more balanced overall performance, making it suited for high-end passenger vehicles.

Linkdata also unveiled a new heavy-duty electric truck brand: Giant Haul (Yuandong). The brand’s universal electrification platform for EHDT EVs satisfies all vehicle requirements for 6x4 semi-trailer trucks. In addition, Giant Haul can also provide a range of complete vehicles based on its platform solutions and features the application of several key technologies, including complete vehicle control systems, electric drives, intelligent systems, and charging/battery swapping.



Sounds like a good strategy: offer 3 options and let the market decide.
I hope they can pull it off in terms of production and quality - not easy I would think.
Tesla may have made an error only offering one new size - we'll know in a year or two.


It is great to finally see interest in batteries increasing. For years the most advanced battery on the market was a NiMH battery.
As more manufacturers realized the main enabling device for electric transportation and clean air is the battery, there will be even more of a rush to develop the technology and the production processes.
Some predict battery powered commercial aircraft within the next decade as battery density climbs beyond 500 Wh/Kg.


A startup in chennai India is ready with new e plane. Test flight conducted and next yr it should be in market. Reliance Industry is ready with sodium battery for two wheelers for now.

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