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Magna has kicked off the new year reinforcing its capabilities to produce electrification solutions that deliver the vehicle of the future and greater sustainable mobility, for all. The mobility technology company is highlighting EtelligentForce, a battery electric 4WD powertrain system for pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles paired with Magna eBeam technology (earlier post).

Magna EtelligentForce

Designed to maintain full vehicle capabilities without compromising payload or towing capacities of pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles, EtelligentForce is targeted for production from 2025.

EtelligentForce features Magna’s eDrive technology at the front and its eBeam electrified beam axle at the rear. It is designed for high-payload vehicles, capable of towing up to 14,500 pounds—on par with its ICE counterparts in this truck segment.

It can provide a total peak power of up to 430 kW—250kW from the rear eBeam and 180kW from the front eDrive. This solution also omits the need for architectural changes to the vehicle and is customizable for automakers to prioritize key performance attributes.

Magna’s eBeam replaces traditional beam axles, accommodating existing suspension and brake systems, and avoiding the need for expensive redesign of existing truck platforms. These benefits help automakers simplify the transition toward electrification of these vehicle segments.

With fewer moving parts than a traditional ICE powertrain, the EtelligentForce requires less maintenance—a direct benefit to truck owners over the life of the vehicle.

As the momentum toward vehicle electrification accelerates, Magna is setting up a new EV center at its US headquarters in Troy, Michigan. The specialized team will be dedicated to preparing the EtelligentForce solution to launch in the North American EV market from 2025, in addition to other EV products.


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