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LAND begins production of E Moto; user-selectable e-bicycle, e-moped, e-motorcycle modes

LAND, a startup electric vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Cleveland, began US production on 120 units of the District E Moto this month. The District is a two-wheeled E Moto, a transitional vehicle that performs as an e-bicycle, e-moped, and e-motorcycle through a ride mode selection interface, with a top speed of 65 mph.

The District offers four modes:

  1. E Bike - Class 2 - 27 MPH Limit

  2. E Moped - Limit differs by state

  3. Motorcycle (Range x Power)

  4. Motorcycle 65 MPH (Power)


District First Edition

Powered by a single hot swap CORE 1.8 kWh battery pack with an optional second battery for an 80 mile range, the District is manufactured using innovative processes such as laser cutting and CNC sheet bending, which reduce production time while enhancing quality and durability. All E Motos are manufactured and shipped from LAND’s headquarters in Cleveland.

The removable battery system can be charged in a standard household outlet and functions as a standalone power pack to charge devices; it can also act as a small-scale home backup system. With solar charging as an option, LAND aims to gain traction in the new mobile energy market.

Founder and CEO Scott Colosimo was inspired to delve into the EV industry after his success as the founder of Cleveland CycleWerks, a motorcycle design and manufacturing company.

The District is unique to the electric vehicle space in that it bridges the gap between two markets: the e-bike and the e-motorcycle. The four ride modes accommodate a wide range of experience and comfort levels, and the removable battery platform allows the rider to power up and stay connected on the go. We are excited to be entering US production and look forward to shipping our first orders.

—Scott Colosimo

The District is on sale now, starting at $7020 after a 10% EV tax credit, with financing available.



As always - with e motor bikes, the numbers don't add up as you might expect.
They say 80 miles (129 km)
They say 65 mph - 105 kph.
They say 3.6 kWh battery capacity.
They say 13 kW engine power (presumably for 65 mph).
You'll get about 20 minutes of driving at 13 kW, thus ~ 22 miles at 65 mph, assuming a 79 kg bike and an 80 kg rider.

If you want to go 80 miles, you'll have to travel at 54 kph or 33.5 mph.

I used this bike simulator to get the numbers.


Non concurrent specifications
they do the same in aircraft


A simple graph or table of range vs speed with specified rider weight would do the trick.
Ebikes on kickstarter and similar are very guilty of this.

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