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Benevelli, an Italy-based producer of transaxles, wheel drives and electric motors, has launched the new SMAC Serie 270, a line of IPM (interior permanent magnet) electric motors systems ideal for off-highway and eMobility vehicles. IPM motors feature a rotor embedded with permanent magnets. Compared with the SPM (surface permanent magnet), this type of motor can reduce the risk of a magnet being peeled off by centrifugal force, and take advantage of reluctance torque.

The SMAC Serie 270 range offers power from 30 to 200kW with a stator of 270mm diameter, available in low- to high-voltage from 48V to 800V. The series includes 4 different motor length with and 24 winding configurations to accommodate various power classes.


The SMAC Serie 270 is available with air- and liquid-cooling with protection grade up to IP6K9K.

SMAC Serie 270 is Benevelli’s first e-motor range to provide this level of power density in low to high voltage. The SMAC Serie 270 e-motors are compact, lightweight, and power dense for use in high- performance traction, power generation, electro hydraulic systems and other specialist high- power demanding applications.

The entire SMAC Serie has a class F thermal rating; the winding of the stator is designed with double electrical insulation. It is first impregnated with an insulating paint and then it is filled with an epoxy resin in a vacuum environment. These details make the winding extremely reliable.

This year we turn 60 and we have been involved in electric mobility for more than 20 years, so we perfectly understand the requirements of the electric drivetrains. We are making excellent progress, our modular product portfolio enables us to offer tailored mass-production solutions to meet any customer requirement.

Adding the SMAC 270 to our electric motor family bolsters our offerings and is an excellent example of Benevelli’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art clean propulsion technologies that match market needs. We take tremendous pride that our solution is one of the most efficient and powerful systems ever to be developed for off-highway machines.

—Alessandro Benevelli, CCO


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