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Volvo Cars global sales drop 20.2% in January; electrified cars accounted for 31.7% of total

Ford posted record electrified vehicle sales in January

Ford electrified vehicle sales in January grew almost 4 times faster than the overall electrified segment. With a total of 13,169 vehicles sold, Ford electrified vehicles were up 167.2, with share up 5.0 points to 10.9% of segment.

The Mustang family of vehicles, Mustang and the all-electric Mach-E, produced sales of 8,041—up 76.3% over last year. Mustang Mach-E sales totaled 2,370, while turning on dealer lots in just 14 days, with a mix of 27.3 percent GT. Mustang Mach-E starts the year second only to Tesla’s Model-Y in the full electric SUV segment.

Ford pickups, including F-Series, Ranger and Maverick, totaled 62,293 sales. F-Series sales in January totaled 50,543. Overall F-Series share increased 0.5 percentage points over last year and begins the year as America’s best-selling pickup. Ford’s all-new Maverick totals 6,513 sales, with 3,549 of these trucks sold as hybrids. Overall, Ford pickup sales are up 1.5%.

Ford SUV sales were up 12.0% over last year, with 60,382 SUVs sold. The Bronco family of vehicles, including Bronco and Bronco Sport sales, were up 77.9%. With these additions, Ford is seeing a record percentage of 4x4 and AWD equipped SUVs. In January, 76.7% of Ford’s SUVs were equipped with 4x4/AWD—up 20.7% over last year and driving SUV transaction pricing to $43,300 per SUV—up $8,200 over a year ago.

Overall, Ford hit an all-time record for both new retail vehicle orders and for filling retail orders in January. Ford took in more than 90,000 new vehicle orders in January—up 71,000 from a year ago and up 20,000 from December. Vehicles are moving off dealer lots at a record pace, as 37% of Ford’s retail sales in January came from previously placed customer orders.


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