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Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection has set a target for purchasing zero-emissions city buses for public transportation operators in Israel— starting in 2026, all buses purchased will be electric.


Dan electric buses

The Ministry’s instructions define gradual targets up to the target year for zero-emissions buses:

  • By 2024, at least 30% of the buses purchased will be zero emissions

  • In 2025 at least 50%

  • By 2026 onwards 100%

The publication of the instructions is another element in the process of electrifying public transportation in Israeli cities, as part of the cooperation between the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Transportation. At the end of this process, all urban public transportation in Israel will be zero emissions by 2036.

In Israel, diesel-powered buses currently make up less than 1% of the total vehicles but emit about 16% of the total nitrogen oxides and about 7% of the total soot particles from all vehicles.


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