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Danfoss’ Editron division has successfully begun the mass production of its EM-PMI240-T180 motor at its Nanjing factory. A key product of Danfoss’ Editron division, the EM-PMI240-T180 motor is one of the most efficient on the market (96% nominal efficiency). It is specifically designed for electric or hybrid drivetrains in mobile work machines, buses and marine vessels.


The EM-PMI240-T180 is a synchronous reluctance-assisted permanent magnet (SRPM) motor. The motor features a power range of 49 kW to 122 kW, a nominal range speed of 2,200 revolutions per minute to 8,800 rpm and a maximum speed of up to 9,200 rpm.

The EM-PMI240-T180 is the third product to be mass-produced at the Nanjing plant since its opening, following fuel cell air compressors and electric drive systems.


Danfoss’ Editron team designed and built the assembly line at the factory in just eight months, including an innovative robotic assembly line and an offline semi-automatic assembly line. In addition, it also implemented an entire digital traceability system to guarantee the quality control and efficient operation of the production process.


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