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Consortium developing flat hydrogen storage solution for fuel cell vehicles: FlatHyStor

BMW AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, TesTneT Engineering GmbH and Hexagon Purus are working together in research and advanced development of an innovative hydrogen storage system solution for future fuel cell passenger cars.

The project called FlatHyStor—“Functional design and testing of an innovative hydrogen tank system”—with a total project budget of €6 million has been granted funding by the German BMWi (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy).

The aim of the project is to develop an advanced hydrogen storage system solution for the flat space of light-duty car underbodies that are usually intended for the integration of the battery modules in Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs).

The consortium is led by BMW AG, which will coordinate the different activities and provide the technical specifications for the storage system integration and application. Hexagon Purus will develop the high-pressure hydrogen cylinders as well as the corresponding vehicle integration structure. Robert Bosch GmbH will develop the advanced tank valve and high-pressure regulator technology and TesTneT Engineering GmbH will deliver the validation of the storage components according to the latest codes and standard evolutions.

The first prototypes of the 700 bar high-pressure storage systems are due to be delivered by the end of 2022.



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