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The Audi-FAW NEV Company Ltd., a company jointly founded by Audi and its partner FAW, is is set to begin construction on a new plant in China for fully electric Audi models using the Premium Platform Electric (PPE).

On an area of approximately 150 hectares, a highly modern plant for fully electric Audi models will be constructed by the end of 2024. A completely new IT architecture will be put into place to network all site processes. The cross-site environmental program Mission:Zero sets the parameters for sustainability, ensuring production at the Changchun site will be CO2 neutral and fully connected.

Production areas at the plant will include a press shop, body construction, paint shop, and final assembly line in addition to an in-house battery assembly. The first buildings will be erected in Changchun when the frost period ends.

As the newest Audi production site, the plant will set new standards in digitalization, efficiency, and sustainability. By setting up the new Audi-FAW NEV Company, we will bring a fresh charge to e-mobility in China.

—Jürgen Unser, President of Audi China

The new plant in Changchun will be the first production site in China where only all-electric Audi models roll of the line. With its annual capacity of more than 150,000 cars, the factory will play a central role in the continued electrification of Audi’s product portfolio for the Chinese market.

Three models are initially slated for production at the site on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) codeveloped with Porsche. The first cars to roll off the line will be an electric SUV and an e-limousine.

The Audi-FAW NEV Company is the first cooperation company with a majority interest held by Audi in China. CEO Helmut Stettner will also assume management of the new plant.


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