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Kia America and Electrify America are partnering to provide Kia EV6 buyers with 1,000 kWh of complimentary EV charging/energy at any Electrify America station across the US. The agreement between the two companies will provide Kia owners with approximately 3,500 to 4,000 miles of all-electric driving at no charging cost, depending on the vehicle model and various conditions.


Electrify America’s DC charging network is the largest in the country, allowing high-speed charging of up to 350 kilowatts (kW) for capable vehicles. Kia customers can access this advanced charging network through the Electrify America mobile app. An enrollment code for the app is provided through the owner’s portal or the Kia Access App after the EV6 owner enrolls into Kia Connect, the brand’s in-car telematics system.

The EV6 77.4 kWh high-density lithium-ion battery allows up to an EPA-rated 310-mile range for road trips and excursions. Furthermore, its 800V multi-charging architecture enables ultra-fast DC charging capability from 10-80% charge (up to 217 miles range) in under 18 minutes at a 350 kW charger, depending on various conditions, aligning with Electrify America’s high-speed charging experience.

Kia EV6 owners will have three years from the date of purchase to use the 1,000 kWh of complimentary charging. During that time, customers can direct any questions or request guidance from Electrify America’s 24-hour Customer Contact Center.



At $50,000 they should


This is not much of a deal as it is only worth $110.00 at 11 cents per kWh where I live. Also, I know a number of places where 240 volt charging is available at no cost including at rest stops along I-80.

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