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Israel-based Electreon, a provider of wireless and in-road wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging technology will collaborate with global technical professional services firm Jacobs on select wireless EV charging projects across the US for fleet operators including city and state authorities.


Electreon’s wireless charging technology—for both stationary applications and wireless Electric Road System (wERS)—is fast to deploy. Copper coils are placed just below the surface of the road—along highways, at bus stations, in parking lots and at logistics centers. Deployment takes place at night to minimize disruption. The coils are then covered with asphalt.

Electreon’s wireless charging technology is deployed in dedicated zones and along electric roads, allowing e-fleets to charge conveniently throughout their operational day. This reduces the need for heavy batteries and flattens the electricity demand curve. The end-to-end solution includes underground infrastructure, vehicle-side technology, and advanced charging management software.

The expanded partnership is a continuation of a successful collaboration between Electreon and Jacobs in securing a project implementing the first public electric road system for wireless EV charging in the US. In February, Electreon was awarded a Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) contract for a dynamic wireless charging pilot program in downtown Detroit—a project supported by Jacobs among others such as Ford Motor Co., NextEnergy, and the City of Detroit.

The Michigan project includes a 1.6-kilometer (1-mile) wireless charging road and static charging stations; Michigan is providing US$1.9 million in funding for the project.

In keeping with Jacobs’ commitment to support innovation aligned to its Beyond If accelerators, the company intends to invest in Electreon to demonstrate its commitment to the EV ecosystem.


To date, Electreon’s patented technology has been integrated with a range of vehicles as part of its ongoing collaborations with auto manufacturers including Renault, Stellantis, Iveco, and Volkswagen.


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