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NetJets Inc., the largest private aviation company in the world, and FlightSafety International, a leader in professional aviation training, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Lilium, makers of an all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jet (earlier post), for a proposed strategic partnership. The arrangement would provide NetJets with the right to purchase up to 150 Lilium aircraft, introducing more options to NetJets owners to complement their existing flight patterns.

Lilium NetJets

NetJets also anticipates supporting Lilium with a private sales campaign for individuals to purchase Lilium aircraft. In addition, the two companies will explore a business model for the operation of Lilium’s network in Florida as well as other regions in the US and Europe.

The Lilium Jet’s flexible cabin architecture is expected to enable a range of configurations, including configurations with four- to six-passenger layouts that address both premium and shuttle mission profiles.

NetJets operates the world’s largest fleet of private jets, and its strong owner base will provide Lilium with scale and support for its ecosystem in the US, where plans for a Florida transport hub continue to progress.

This planned collaboration with NetJets is also expected to boost Lilium’s commercial ambitions in Florida and other US markets and would create supplemental direct sales opportunities, the partners said. The Lilium Jet will allow NetJets to advance its sustainability efforts by offering its customer base regional transportation alternatives.

As part of the arrangement, Lilium would also partner with FlightSafety International Inc. to provide products and services, such as courseware, industry leading immersive and mixed reality training devices and crew training to support Lilium Jet operations. FlightSafety’s proprietary training software will deliver flexible and agile learning solutions needed to support the advance air mobility market.


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